E-course promotion with smoky taste

The e-learning course on sustainable forest management was promoted in the frame of the event “Oglarska dežela 2018” (The land of charcoal), which was held in Dole pri Litiji (Slovenia) from 14-18/8/2018. The Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) had a chance to present our e-course to a wide range of people related to forestry (private forest owners, forestry professionals, forestry entrepreneurs and their employees, nature conservationists and immature forest professionals) and distribute promo-materials. More than 200 attendees participated in the event where they learned about charcoal, safe work in logging and harvesting and handling of a chainsaw and, after all, tasted delicious dishes prepared on domestic charcoal. The topics related to safe harvesting and handling a chainsaw are available in our e-course. Instructions for the first time users find in our Handbook available in Croatian, German, Slovenian and English languages.

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