Feel yourself invited to the project’s final conference!

We are looking forward to our final project’s conference where we expect up to 100 participants from Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. Participants will be forestry stakeholders and all interested in forestry topics, vocational training and life-long learning. The purpose of the event is twofold. One is to present our innovative e-course Sustainable Forest Management: From Theory to Practice developed collaboratively by project partners and covering different topics related to sustainable forest management. The other is to discuss use of e-learning and other innovative teaching and learning methods that could complement traditional ex-cathedra learning in forestry. The conference will have three very interesting key notes from Austria and Slovenia that will talk about contemporary challenges of the forestry sector, such as climate change, how to access funding, pros and cons of e-learning in forestry as well as how to engage and motivate adults to participate in e-learning. We will close the conference with a panel discussion on the future perspectives of the vocational training and lifelong learning in forestry in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. Registration for the event is available here. Please find agenda and practical information below.

Conference Practicalities_EN.pdf

Program i praktične informacije_HR.pdf