Croatian Forest Research Institute (CFRI) is founded in 1974. It is a public research institute and leading national research institution in the scientific field of forestry. CFRI implements top-quality scientific research and together with other scientific institutions establishes a scientific infrastructure of the National Innovation System of Science and Higher Education. Three research pillars are Climate change and forest monitoring; Climate change adaption and forest genetic resources; Social forest services, non-wood forest products and governance. CFRI has also important role in raising awareness on the role of forests, protection of forest resources, promotion of sustainable forest management (SFM) and natural resources as well as promoting cooperation and innovative approaches in SFM. CFRI’s headquarters is in Jastrebarsko and the Institute is hierarchically organized in two departments, six research divisions, five laboratories and three Regional Research Centers (RRC). CFRI employs in total 88 staff whereas 42 R&D personnel, others are technical and other administrative staff. Institute’s annual budget is 2.7mil €.

Cvjetno naselje 41
10450 Jastrebarsko

Telephone: +385 1 62 73 000
Fax: +385 1 62 70 035

Legal Representative:
Sanja Perić, PhD, director
Telephone: +385 1 63 72 000

Contact Person:
Silvija Krajter Ostoić, PhD
Telephone: +385 1 63 72 000