The Institute for Development and International Relations IRMO is a public, non-profit, scientific policy research organization, established in 1963. It is organized in 4 divisions, and 2 centers of which one is research project center. IRMO’s main fields of activities are: regional and local development; environmental policy and nature protection; economic development and competitiveness; strategic planning and management in public administration on the central, regional and local level. IRMO employs 45 permanent researchers, and has a wide network of experts. The researchers are members of expert teams of EU funded projects (ERASMUS, FP7, CARDS, PHARE, ISPA, IPA), projects financed by the World Bank, UNDP and other international organizations. Experience also includes participation in projects for Life-Long-Learning (LLL).

IRMO actively participates in:

  • the development and implementation of research projects,
  • the elaboration of development strategies and programs,
  • the elaboration of analytical and policy documents for decision-makers,
  • the development of public policies,
  • the strengthening of administrative capacity on all levels related to the adoption of the EU legislative framework,
  • the organization of seminars, international conferences and specialist training programs,
  • the dissemination of the research results and information through the publication of books, professional journals, reviews,
  • monographs and working papers,
  • improving information exchange and networking

Ul. Ljudevita Farkaša Vukotinovića 2
10000 Zagreb

Telephone: +385 1 48 77 460
Fax: +385 1 48 28 361


Legal Representative:
Dr. Sanja Tišma, director
Telephone: +385 1 48 77 460

Contact Person:
Karolina Horvatinčić, B.Sc.EE, MBA
Associate in science, Project manager and trainer
Telephone: +385 1 48 77 467