The CIA2SFM e-course promoted to private forest owners in Jastrebarsko

During the 8th Assembly of private forest owners held on 12/03/2018, the e-course “Sustainable forest management: From theory to practice” was presented to the participants.  The event took place in Croatian Forest Research Institute in Jastrebarsko, where Miljenko Županić, the Secretary-General of the Croatian Union of Private Forest Owners’ Associations presented the e-course to about fifteen private forest owners.

In Croatia, a huge number of private forest owners possess around 24% of total forests in Croatia. Majority of private forest owners are facing many challenges, such as unclear ownership, small size properties, restrictive forest regulations, illegal logging, lack of forest management plans and many others. Hence, the e-course on sustainable forest management offers a wide range of different topics which could be of interest to private forest owners.