Two pilot trainings finished and two more to go

As the end of the project is approaching, the project partners have few more activities to implement. One of the last group of activities is the implementation of the pilot training programmes related to sustainable forest management. Hence, two pilot programmes finished successfully and two more are starting next week. Partners from Slovenia broke the ice[…]

The CIA2SFM e-course promoted to private forest owners in Jastrebarsko

During the 8th Assembly of private forest owners held on 12/03/2018, the e-course “Sustainable forest management: From theory to practice” was presented to the participants.  The event took place in Croatian Forest Research Institute in Jastrebarsko, where Miljenko Županić, the Secretary-General of the Croatian Union of Private Forest Owners’ Associations presented the e-course to about fifteen private[…]

Promotion of the CIA2SFM e-course at the 8th International Wood Energy Conference

Croatian Forest Research Institute used the opportunity to promote the multilingual e-course “Sustainable forest management: from theory to practice” during the 8th International Wood Energy Conference. The event in the organization of Croatian Wood Cluster and Croatian Biomass Association was focused on the current and future perspective of the wood energy sector on the national[…]

Check out our new e-course on sustainable forest management

Click here to check out our new e-learning module “Sustainable forest management: From theory to practice”. The e-course is developed by project partners and tailor-made for forestry professionals, private forest owners, employees of public institutions in charge of nature protected areas and forestry entrepreneurs. This module, unique in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, provides information on[…]

CIA2SFM team published a paper about training programmes in sustainable forest management in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia

The paper “Training Programmes in Sustainable Forest Management in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia” is published in an international journal, the South-east European forestry (SEEFOR). This preliminary communication article is a result of joint work of the project partners who analyzed vocational education and training and other lifelong learning programmes in sustainable forest management in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. The results[…]

The announcement of the 5th transnational project meeting

The next week in Vienna, 15/11/2017, BFW is organizing the 5th transnational project meeting. The main topic of the meeting will be piloting the training programme for the project target groups (forestry professionals, private forest owners, employees of the institutions in charge of protected areas management and forestry entrepreneurs). The goal is to select the[…]

The second training event (C2) was held in Zagreb

The second short-term joint staff training event (C2) was held last week, from 23-27/10/2017 in Zagreb. The event took place in the Business Academy Experta in an organization of the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO). During the five days training event, altogether 18 participants from partners institution were trained for blended learning, how[…]

The second transnational training activity is on our way

The second short-term joint staff training event (C2) will be held from 23-27/10/2017 in Zagreb. During the five days event, the participants will be trained for blended learning, how to combine classroom education and e-learning training and how to use e-module and developed multimedia content. All together 21 participants from partners institutions will take part in this event, which[…]